Retrospective of Rangers Protocol’s 2022

Retrospective of Rangers Protocol’s 2022

To Rangers Protocol, the past 2022 is a year of rapid growth and vast expansion. In a new and clear brand positioning as the backbone of a Web3 Engine, Rangers Protocol has been marching boldly on the journey of supporting vast Web3 developers and users with increasingly comprehensive blockchain infrastructures.

Looking back at the year of 2022, we see a time full of opportunities and challenges, which seems particularly true for the blockchain industry.

In this year, we witnessed new business models being developed on the idea of decentralization and more traditional industries adopting blockchain technology. World-renowned companies like Starbucks and Nike were embracing blockchain, and many more from various sectors started to explore how to enter the realm of Web3.

We applauded Ethereum’s success with the Merge, yet also regretted the crash of Terra Luna and the collapse of FTX. From these ups and downs, we could have some valuable lessons learned while still staying positive as the industry has shown its resilience with the growing adoption of blockchain technology and ongoing development of new and innovative applications.

This year also means a lot to Rangers Protocol, as we officially adopted a new brand positioning as a Web3 Engine Infrastructure, after becoming the first in the industry to identify the necessity of a Web3 Engine in powering up the Web3 world and pioneeringly define it. Through the rebranding, Rangers Protocol undertook a clearer mission to enable big and small developers to develop quality Web3 content without limits or differences. Here is what we achieved in 2022:

Comprehensive Tech Support

The Rangers Protocol technical team worked strenuously last year on providing solid support and valuable resources for developers of complex applications and delivered remarkable results.

Miner Console is a node management tool that provides a one-stop solution for Rangers Protocol miners, including Miner Apply, Miner Unstake, Miner Change, and Add Miner Stake. All Rangers Protocol node operators can monitor the status of the global network, submit node applications, and manage their stakes on its user-friendly interface.

Node Management Platform is a multi-functional tool with comprehensive node management services. It offers node rental services to help users become Rangers Protocol verification nodes while providing first-hand real-time node information, including the TVL of both proposal nodes and verifications nodes staking across the Rangers Protocol mainnet.

Node Reward Calculator is a function recently added to the Node Management Platform to help users preview future revenue without actually staking tokens and thus make more prudent decisions. With the Calculator, RPG holders get to determine their expected staking rewards depending on the total RPG staked, their RPG staked, and the existing node numbers.

Rangers Scan is a blockchain explorer and cross-chain data query tool, which records all blockchain operations on Rangers Protocol so that every transaction can be traceable. With the help of Rangers Scan, developers can better identify potential scams and better improve security.

Oracle helps developers obtain real-time prices of various tokens in USD through its free API to conduct a wide array of commercial activities. Adopting multiple decentralized exchanges as the price feed data source, the oracle provides timely token price services for multiple tokens, including BTC, ETH, MIX, and RPG, with more tokens to be added.

Rangers Bridge is a cross-chain tool of Rangers Connector, a heterogeneous cross-chain solution leveraging the relay chain technology. By supporting both FT and NFT from an infrastructure level, Rangers Connector effectively reduces the communication barriers of cross-chain. Rangers Bridge currently supports the cross-chain of RPG tokens between Ethereum, BNB chain, and Rangers Mainnet.

Grand Guard is a multi-signature safe assisting developers in managing their blockchain assets on Rangers Protocol mainnet. By enabling customized security settings of multi-sig requirements, it helps prevent unauthorized access to business assets and guards personal assets. Grand Guard supports RAP-20 compatible FT and NFT assets while requiring zero opening cost and service fee.

In addition to the new tools above, a technical document also went available last August to offer developers a comprehensive guide for accessing Rangers Protocol’s services with step-by-step illustrated instructions. The Rangers Protocol team will keep making dApp development a much more pleasant experience and bring more all-around technical support in 2023.

Extensive Cooperation

On top of in-house technical research and development on core Web3 technologies, Rangers Protocol is gearing toward building a powerful Web3 Engine through close collaboration with industry-leading projects as well, constantly constructing a developer-friendly Rangers Protocol ecosystem while supporting the greater Web3 world.

Rangers Protocol firstly announced its cooperation with the blockchain infrastructure provider InfStones in February on providing convenient solutions for users to become Rangers Protocol verification nodes, which greatly lowered the maintenance cost and the threshold of joining the Rangers Protocol verification network.

Rangers Protocol then established a partnership with Canoe Finance, a scenario-first MetaFi toolkit, preparing the ground for more services into Rangers Protocol’s environment. A Multichain Router integration into Rangers Protocol was already pulled off in November, allowing users to swap between any two chains freely with lower fees and more convenience.

And by reaching a strategic partnership with the non-custodial wallet UniPass in July, Rangers Protocol was fulfilling its goal of providing a seamless experience for mass users and Web3 developers and lowering the usage threshold for vast dApp users on the Rangers Protocol network. A customized light wallet for Rangers Protocol was developed and will be meeting users soon.

DApp Deployment

Rangers Protocol also proceeded with dAapp deployment and reached a major milestone by having the blockchain game DeHeroGame successively deployed on Robin Testnet and its mainnet. DeHeroGame is the first dApp to be tested on the Rangers Protocol network, for which Rangers Protocol provided comprehensive support with its infrastructures and user-friendly tools.

At the end of the year, Rangers Protocol went on onboarding the next-gen blockchain MMORPG MetaCene, which will have its content deployed on Rangers Mainnet to provide communities on both sides with truly “massively online” gaming experiences on chain by leveraging Rangers Protocol’s mature and solid technical support.

We will continue to expand and enhance user experience with Rangers Protocol by reaching out to more promising blockchain applications and projects. We look forward to a vast extension of the Rangers Protocol ecosystem with more quality products and services being deployed on the Rangers Protocol network in the upcoming days.

Rangers Protocol is confident of notching up more in 2023 and welcomes you to witness every bit of our progress.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is the backbone of a Web3 engine for creating immersive Web3 applications. It minimizes the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximizes the user experience of its Web3 applications. Rangers Protocol provides comprehensive infrastructures for efficient complex-app development, successful cross-chain and mass distribution, diverse in-app NFT and DeFi features, and more. Through its full EVM compatibility, strategic industry partnerships, and curated all-in-one IDE, Rangers Protocol supports AAA and indie developers to succeed in the Web3 world.

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