Rangers Protocol September Progress Report

Rangers Protocol September Progress Report

Rangers Protocol continues to operate stably. In September, the team remained its focus on the update and repair of the Rangers Scan mainnet version as well as sub-chain development, generating a total of 48.9 million blocks.

Rangers Connector

  1. EIP-3074 code improvement has been completed according to the results of the previous code audit and updated to the mainnet environment.
  2. Mainnet now supports the websocket protocol and has been updated to Robin testnet. The progress is 80%.
  3. The “slash mechanism improvement” of the mainnet economic model consensus is at 100% in terms of planning, 10% implemented so far.

Rangers Connector

  1. Original cross-chain system replacement has been developed and tested. It has been updated to mainnet and the development progress is 100%.
  2. Economic model code development testing completed, fully updated to mainnet.
  3. The governance plan code development and testing have been completed, and it has been fully updated to the mainnet environment.
  4. The mainnet is online with 22,000 blocks produced.
  5. Liquidity pending order plan, technical review progress is at 50%.
  6. Multi-wallet plug-in optimization progress is at 80%.


  1. Node management platform APR algorithm optimization: 100%
  2. Burn & Mint mobile version development: 100%

Rangers Scan Data Service Function

The development of Rangers Connector’s browser-related data services involves block information, transaction information, etc. The development is in progress at 80%.

Rangers Sub-Chain

Rangers Sub-Chain is updated to version 1.1 with overall progress at 90%.

  1. Sub-chain economic model progress: 50%
  2. Sub-chain handover function is complete (100%)

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure. It is a high-performance engine for complex development and data migration. Rangers Protocol is fully compatible with Ethereum, professionally supports NFT and complex applications, and integrates and expands cross-chain, NFT, EVM, and distributed network protocols.

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