Rangers Protocol Node Management Platform 101

Rangers Protocol Node Management Platform 101

As a multi-functional tool comprehensively supporting node management, Rangers Protocol Node Management Platform has been well serving its users for a while and is going to take things to the next level.

Since its official launch on the Rangers Protocol mainnet in June 2022, the Node Management Platform v.1.0 has been steadily providing comprehensive node management services, including Node Rental Service and Real-Time Node Data, for users who are interested in accessing and benefiting from Rangers Protocol’s ecological nodes.

Nodes with Benefits

The Rangers Protocol ecosystem is made up of two types of ecological nodes: proposal nodes and verification nodes. Proposal nodes are responsible for generating witness units, staking, and selecting verification nodes. Verification nodes, on the other hand, verify proposals and form group signatures.

As ecological nodes fulfill their duties, they are entitled to certain rights by obtaining RPG (Rangers Protocol Gas) revenue. Meanwhile, both proposal nodes and verification nodes are required to participate in the daily governance of Rangers Protocol within the constraints of the governance mechanism.

Simple & Effortless Experience

The Node Rental Service available on the Node Management Platform assists users to become Rangers Protocol verification nodes, while the Real-Time Node Data can feed users with first-hand real-time node information including the TVL of both proposal nodes and verifications nodes staking across the Rangers Protocol mainnet.

The Node Management Platform is designed with simple registration, simplified process, and one-click top-up to provide a streamline solution for existing and prospective nodes of Rangers Protocol. Users are allowed to register simply with their emails, rent hardware services free from hardware configuration, and pay for rental fee with one simple click, thus enjoying hassle-free node hosting and mining experiences. Moreover, the 300 $USDT monthly rental fee is lower than the rest of the competitors in the industry, lowering the usage threshold for vast users.

What’s Next?

For greater usability to better support effortless mining, an upgraded Node Management Platform is coming on its way. The new version will offer users one-stop access to all functionally related tools by integrating the existing Node Rental Service with Miner Console and adding new features like Delegated Staking and Node Reward Calculator.

With the new Node Management Platform, users will be able to rent node hardware, apply to become a verification node, manage their stake, open their node for Delegated Staking, calculate their mining rewards, and check their history and portfolio.

The Node Management Platform will be continuously enriched with new applications and features to serve the node-managing-related needs of users across the Rangers Protocol ecosystem.

Please stay tuned for more progress on this.

About Rangers Protocol

Rangers Protocol is the backbone of a Web3 engine for creating immersive Web3 applications. It minimizes the development difficulty for Web3 developers and maximizes the user experience of its Web3 applications. Rangers Protocol provides comprehensive infrastructures for efficient complex-app development, successful cross-chain and mass distribution, diverse in-app NFT and DeFi features, and more. Through its full EVM compatibility, strategic industry partnerships, and curated all-in-one IDE, Rangers Protocol supports AAA and indie developers to succeed in the Web3 world.

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