Find Your Ways in the Best Blockchain Developer Communities

Find Your Ways in the Best Blockchain Developer Communities

As the blockchain industry continues to boom in 2022, it’s no surprise that the demand for skilled blockchain developers is on the rise. However, due to the tight-knit nature of the developer community, it is oftentimes difficult for newcomers, job seekers, and even potential employers to find the people they need for their own purposes.

Regardless of your level of experience or where you are in your career, it’s important to stay current with market news and technological advancements. Joining online communities that fit your needs is one of the best ways to accomplish this and stay in touch with industry leaders. In this article, we will examine a few top-rated communities where you can find resources, ask for help, and connect with other blockchain developers.

1. Reddit

With 430 million users worldwide and an innumerable variety of communities that are considered to be some of the most active in the online space, Reddit is an excellent place for blockchain developers to connect with industry experts and anticipate feedback for any troubling questions from the vast community.

Take r/Ethereum Development and DApps subreddit as an example. This Ethereum-related dev talk platform, which has 87.7 thousand members, invites every developer to communicate their ideas and questions about contracts, DApps, wallets, clients, infrastructure services, tooling, UIs, patterns, and other topics in a relaxed environment. Given that Ethereum is still the market’s largest blockchain network at the moment, the wealth of knowledge and information in this subreddit is astounding and alluring for many Ethereum coders and admirers, making the community a shared treasure for many blockchain newcomers in their learning and improving stages.

2. Blockchainvan

Blockchainvan is a forum site where you must register in order to respond and start a topic. The community covers all the aspects of Blockchain, from the fundamentals, such as understanding how bitcoin transactions work, to more complex issues, such as how Blockchain can be useful in the banking sector.

You can also look into their sub-topics of meetups, conferences, and job opportunities. With over 2,000 active members worldwide, you can quickly get the latest updates and news about what’s happening in the global blockchain market.

3. Rotterdam Blockchain Community

The main goal of the Rotterdam Blockchain community is to empower those who want to bring change in financial services by using different Blockchain implementations to increase transaction security. For individual blockchain developers, the community recommends courses for learning, holds seminars at which speakers from all over the world present on the most recent technological advancements, and provides workshops where members of the community can have hands-on experience on blockchain implementation.

Additionally, the community has a library of resources from which you can easily download information about various blockchain concepts and implementations, as well as gain access to the archives of partnered institutions like Rotterdam Business University, Cambridge Innovative Centre, European Blockchain Foundation, and more.

4. Blockgeeks

Blockgeeks is a community dedicated to sharing and expanding knowledge about Blockchain technology. It provides guides, tutorials, as well as blockchain services for many clients. Blockgeeks, which bills itself as more than just a community, also offers many free courses, including a 12-video cryptography beginner’s course, for mass users. And for those at the advanced level, the community features a variety of videos, articles, and infographics on the website to meet their needs as well.

5. IEEE Blockchain Community

As a community that produces the world’s highest-quality technical literature in engineering and technology, the IEEE community is always at the top of the charts for any who aspires to in-depth technological discussions. And the IEEE Blockchain community is a venue for blockchain professionals specifically to exchange ideas and information on a variety of subjects.

After charging a $15 fee on the IEEE blockchain community page ($10 for IEEE members and $5 for IEEE student members), the website will welcome you with valuable information and resources, including the IEEE Blockchain web portal, e-newsletters, conferences, educational opportunities, publications, standards development, the IEEE Future Directions Resource Center, and more.

The abundance of online communities for blockchain developers provides ample opportunities for anyone seeking information on related topics, help with development, or even investments or employment. The list provided in this material is not exhaustive, but it is sufficient for anyone willing to find communication with like-minded users.

We hope that these communities will aid you in your blockchain development endeavors. You may choose any of these, as each has its own set of advantages and experts who will assist you on your path to mastering blockchain development. So go explore the best blockchain developer communities and start writing your own stories!

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