The best heterogeneous cross-chain solution leveraging the relay chain technology

Rangers Connector enables assets and data to transfer freely between chains, helps Web3 entrepreneurs increase NFT’s commercial value and information circulation, and sets a unified data-standard for complex blockchain applications.

  • The best in cross-chain security

    Rangers Connector utilizes a double guarantee mechanism of the relay chain and the smart contract to achieve decentralization and cross-chain security.

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  • The best consensus mechanism for cross-chain purposes

    Through an innovative consensus scaling method, Rangers Connector leverages Rangers Mainnet security, speed, performance, and scalability to cross-chain functions. And the upcoming upgrade to a Secure Multi-Party Computation Chain based on VRF+TSS (ECDSA) would further enhance these key advantages.

  • The first and best cross-chain solution for NFTs

    Rangers Connector has achieved cross-chain NFT shuttle, NFT data monitor, NFT rental and collective NFT cross chain.

  • The first to introduce a heterogeneous cross-chain vision

    On the tech level, Rangers Connector's relay chain technology is capable of heterogeneous cross-chain functions; On the application level, the team is working on the cross-chain integration with popular heterogeneous chains outside of the EVM ecosystem.

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Industry solutions comparison

Capacities Rangers Mainnet




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Compatible with Ethereum protocol ×
Compatible with Ethereum EVM ×
Provides standard SDKs ×
NFT standard protocol ×
CDeFi standard ×
protocol ×
Provides standard wallets ×
Provides standard browser ×
Provides integrated development environment × ×
Provides compilation & debugging environment × ×
Supports complex applications × ×
Supports large-scale games × ×
Supports composability × ×
Supports reduction of handling fees × ×
Supports multi-chain identity × ×
Supports multi-Protocol asset cross-chain × ×
Supports multi-chain consensus × ×
Shared ecosystem content × ×
Shared ecosystem channels × ×

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